Lavanko track, the Finnish Mecca of motocross

Lavanko track was established on 1996. Track is located in the industrial area just behind Helsinki (HEL) airport. Track got a total facelift 2020/2021, when we changed the profile and also the track material. The old track, also known as ”concrete Lavanko”, was hard packed clay and coarse sand. Very hard on dry conditions and slippery when wet.

In the end of 2020, we drove hundreds of truckloads of fine sand on the track and it also received a new profile. Now the surface is softer, and we call it as ”Finnish Lommel”.

Track is 1600m long and it has 9 jumps, biggest jumps being the finish table jump, and ”World Champion table” just before finish table.

Interview of Saku Mansikkamäki

Saku Mansikkamäki, racing in Strawberryhill Racing Team (SHR), 85cc winner and now driwing in 125cc class, participating also in JuniorMX World Championship in Vantaa 2022. The name Mansikkamäki translated in English is Strawberryhill, thus the name of the team.

Saku, tell us about the ”new Lavanko” track?

I wasn’t a real fan of soft and fine sand, but now that my home track changed into that, I was practicing a lot in there and learned how to drive it. And now I actually find it very nice and interesting track to drive in general.

How do you compare Lavanko to other Finnish tracks?

Lavanko is in its best when it’s really soft and sort of ”un-fixed”, having good bumps and ruts. It seems to be a trend in Finland to fix the tracks too much, trying to keep it all the time very plain. But the fact is that if you want to develop and be better, you need to drive in demanding conditions. Lavanko is good for that, and nowadays it’s one of the best tracks in Finland, if not even the best. I duly like it!

What is your favourite tyre for Lavanko?

You definitely need a paddle type rear tyre that is made for soft sand, that’s the only choice in Lavanko to get a good traction when accelerating.

Lavanko drone video

One lap video on Lavanko track

Junior World Championship 2022 in Finland

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